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Choice in all aspects of life including the services they
receive, who provides supports, where to live and with whom,where to work, recreation and leisure activities, vacations, planning individualized day activities, and having support provided at home.

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TTSR Staff

Educational Services

Educational Services pictureTraining Toward Self Reliance, Inccollaborates with the Riverview Intermediate Unit (Clarion, PA) to provide those under the age of 21 with their educational needs. Knowing that a good percentage of our individuals would struggle in a public school setting, the IU6 has made arrangements to rent out a local business for the sole purpose of converting this establishment into a school building. This “satellite” school provides an environment Educational Services picturein which more individualized attention can be achieved with fewer surrounding stimuli which could possibly deter an individual from maximizing their potential within the classroom. In some cases, arrangements have been made for teacher aides to go to an individual’s residence to provide school services. TTSR and the IU6 look closely at each and every individual and their specialized needs when deciding what is best for the individual and where they would achieve the most success when learning. We are always looking for new activities for our population to participate in that they would not normally have the chance to do elsewhere.