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Control over their life including relationships, budgets and how money is spent, supports and services they receive, medical issues and planning

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TTSR Staff

Residential Services

Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc is unique in some ways in that we offer a rural housing setting in which to learn and grow. We staff our homes with caregivers who are awake and monitoring our individuals around the clock as we realize that it is vital in keeping our individuals safe within the home environment. We have accepted the fact that we provide permanent residential placement for some of the most challenging individuals in the state Residential Services pictureof Pennsylvania and we do so by attempting to provide the least restrictive environment as possible. All staff are trained in Safe Crisis Management, which is an intervention utilized when an individual is escalated and presents an immediate danger to him/ herself or others around that individual at the time of agitation. Every day, our staff are focused on teaching our individuals the skills to make sound and healthy choices for themselves and to grow in the home and community.