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Stability - feeling secure that all changes in their lives are
made only with their input and permission—”nothing about
me without me.”.

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Programming Department
Fiscal Department
Training Department
Human Resources Department
Human Resources
Transitional Work Department
Office Staff
Transitional Work
Office Staff


Contact Information

Training Toward Self-Reliance, Inc.
2500 Canoe Ripple Road
Sligo, Pennsylvania 16255
Phone: 814-358-2472
Fax: 814-358-2805
TTSR Staff

Administration Department
Tammy Nelson
Matt Gladin
Mia Stiller
Tammy Nelson - ext. 228

Matthew Gladin - ext. 231
Assistant Director

Mia Stiller - ext. 226
Human Resource
Scheduling Coordinator

Josh Altman
Traci Phillips
Evelyn Young
Josh Altman - ext. 236
Chief Compliance Officer

Traci Phillips - ext. 227
Residential Coordinator

Nicole Englert
Adult Training Supervisor

Denise Babcock
Denise Babcock - ext. 224

Programming Department
John Huffman
Tom Pore
Evelyn Young
John Huffman - ext. 264
Program Specialist

Tom Pore - ext. 222
Program Specialist

Laura Ebert
Program Specialist

Training Department
Dean Nelson
Mike Bucholz
Dean Nelson
Mike Bucholz - ext. 266

Fiscal Department
Leslie Johnson
Kim Anthony
Evelyn Young
Leslie Johnson - ext. 229
Fiscal Director

Kim Anthony - ext. 258
Fiscal Assistant
Evelyn Young - ext. 232
Payroll Technician