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Relationships - with family, partners, neighbors, community people such as pharmacists, barbers and grocers.

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TTSR Staff

Fundraiser Information

Dear Parents, Family, and Friends of a TTSR consumer or any generous contributor,

Throughout the year, Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. hosts many events in an attempt to raise funds so as to deposit money into our Fundraising account. In the past, we have been very successful in raising funds from generous businesses that we deal with on a regular basis and also who assist in making TTSR a better agency in which to live and grow. This year, we hope to increase our total funds raised by asking that any family members willing to participate, attempt to collect money from other family members, friends, work associates, etc. in order to boost the total funds generated, all to be used toward enhancing the lives of those individuals that TTSR cares for on a daily basis. With increased funds in the TTSR Fundraiser account, this affords us the opportunity to provide a variety of special events and surprises for the 60+ individuals who reside with us and have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. Again this year, we are requesting your assistance and hope that you can support our agency by donating to our fundraisers. All donations are welcome in the form of cash donations/checks (made payable to -TTSR Fundraising Account) and can be collected by the primary family member and sent via mail to Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. Corporate Office at the following address:

Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc.
Attention: Matthew Gladin, Josh Altman, John Huffman or Michael Bucholz
2500 Canoe Ripple Road
Sligo, PA 16255

Remember, the bigger the amount of dollars collected, the more funds generated for our individuals. With money raised, we will put on a Summer Carnival complete with food and prizes each individual can acquire when playing classic carnival games. We also like to rent out a water dunk tank, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, and other items that you would find at a carnival. We also will purchase Christmas gifts for all 60+ of our individuals as well as a Christmas party complete with a 5 course meal, rental of a hall for the event, disc jockey, decorations, and more. Moreover, this money also allows for opportunities for individuals with low income to participate in ALL activities and special outings that Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. offers.
Once you feel that you have received donations from all family, friends, and work associates, the sum of the collection can be sent to TTSR.

We thank you for your help appreciate all that you and the participants are able to donate.

Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc.