Quality of Life

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Quality of life determined by individuals. People want quality supports and services to enable them to have the life that they want. When they pay for high quality supports, they expect to get high quality.

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TTSR Staff

Adult Training Facility

Adult Training FacilityTraining Toward Self Reliance, Inc operates an Adult Training Facility (ATF) which assists our individuals in learning daily living skills, pre-vocational skills, money management, reading/ writing, and other activities. Through the ATF, our individuals also have opportunities to attend special events such as minor league baseball games, amusement parks, trips to the zoo, fishing, boat trips, picnics, dances, bowling, etc. Not far from the ATF, is our in-ground swimming pool and pavilion area for picnics. TTSR ATF Adult Training FacilityCoordinator has developed a full schedule of activities daily for our individuals who attend this service in the hopes that they are afforded a more structured and consistent form of day programming each and every day while at the same time offering choice. TTSR has developed a garden club for those individuals eager to learn and be active in agriculture. A photo club was also developed to teach this clubs’ members ways to capture the beauty of the outdoors as well as to photograph themselves and peers in their Adult Training Facilitydaily activities. We are also excited to develop our Newsletter Club, a gathering of ATF attendees who will work on a monthly publication in which they will talk about “all things TTSR” as well as to go out in the community and interview community members to learn more about what they do and how they are helping to better their county. TTSR has also started a softball team, comprised of all attendees of the ATF, who will play organized softball games against other local residential facilities. We felt the need to include these other agencies in the hopes that it would build a stronger relationship between organizations because we are all focused on the same goal, providing a better way of life for those diagnosed with a developmental disability.


TTSR Ministry
Pastor Sue Montgomery

TTSR MinistryChurch services are available to the individuals of the Agency every Tuesday morning. The individuals have the opportunity to participate in scripture reading, singing in choir, sharing their joys and concerns and being a part of a church family.