Tammy Nelson CEO

Message from TTSR’s CEO

“Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc. believes that every human being deserves the right to have an Every Day Life, which is a life of happiness, opportunity, and choice. We also believe that all individuals can make a positive impact, regardless of disability, in their home and community. We will continue to offer a safe, healthy, and home-like living environment filled with choice, for all individuals residing with us because to most, we are their families.”

- Tammy Nelson



TTSR Mission Statement

Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc believes that people and their family members want to have an “Everyday Life” that is typical of the general population. They want more in their lives and they have greater expectations of the system than they did ten years ago. People want to have self-determined lives. This means with the support of family and friends, they decide: how to live their lives; what supports they need; and how they want to spend the money in their individual budgets. It also means they are responsible for their decisions and actions.

Choice in all aspects of life including the services they receive, who provides supports, where to live and with whom, where to work, recreation and leisure activities, vacations, planning individualized day activities, and having support provided at home.

Control over their life including relationships, budgets and how money is spent, supports and services they receive, medical issues and planning.

Quality of life determined by individuals. People want quality supports and services to enable them to have the life that they want. When they pay for high quality supports, they expect to get high quality.

Stability - feeling secure that all changes in their lives are made only with their input and permission - ”nothing about me without me.”

Safety - to be safe at home, work, and school, in their neighborhood, as well as in all other aspects of their lives. People want services that ensure individual health and safety without being overprotective or restricting them.

Individuality - being known for their individuality and being called by their name. Being respected by having privacy of their mail, files, and history and being able to choose to be alone at times.

Relationships - with family, partners, neighbors, community people such as pharmacists, barbers and grocers.

TTSR Staff